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Credit problems? Have you been turned down for a car loan?
We can help get you approved for a car loan regardless of your credit history.

Your Credit Building Doctor
An Auto Loan is a new generation of credit building that allows Canadians to establish a positive payment history while you save money.

Feel free to contact us about a free credit consultation with one of our credit specialists to help you further understand how to improve your credit with an Auto Loan.


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Benefits of an Auto Loan | Build, Improve & Conquer!

  • Build a positive payment history with each payment being reported to the Credit Bureau.
  • Improve your credit score so you can decrease interest rates on current or future loans saving you thousands of dollars.
  • With an improved credit score you can qualify for future loans, car loans, credit cards or mortgages.


Save Money & Enjoy Life
Great Auto Loans help you build a savings account which can be used towards further investments.

Build your savings and investments with a properly calculated Auto Loan, that won't break your bank and keep you living the lifestyle you have always imagined.

At Flexcar Financial we have experience getting people approved:

  • Write-Offs and Closed Accounts
  • No Credit
  • History of Bad Credit
  • Multiple Collections
  • Consumer Proposal
  • Previous Bankruptcy
  • New to Canada with No Credit
  • Previous Repossession
  • Student Loans in Arrears
  • Missed Credit Card and Loan Payments
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